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Iain M. Banks - Feersum Endjinn

Reason to mention:

  • Character Bascule (sometimes referenced as Master Bascule), mentionned in 0001
  • Bascule talks in a phonetic language (due to a brain disorder), his phonetic 1st person narrated chapters (Scottis/Cockney sounding phonetic transcription, e.g “have”written 1/2) come with a “translated” chapter written in proper English.
  • People can connect to the cryptoshpere, a kind of virtual world with its own reality and different layers through implants in their heads. Connection happens at the consciousness level, meaning there are risks associated, riskier as one gets in the deeper layers of that cryptosphere. Dead people get some sort of permanence there. The cryptoshpere has an active volition, especially at the chaotic levels.

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