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This page will serve as a page to answer questions that are frequently asked by members on the discord server.

1. What should I do when I join the Discord Server?

Please send a message with the Province/County and Country you are from on the location channel so that we can assign you with the correct tags for your area. Please have a look at the various channels and see what they are used for, only post relevant information and messages in the different channels.

2. How do the keys found assist me?

1000 keys will be available to be found during the course of the hunt. You need to find a minimum if 400 keys which you will then need to combine using ssss-combine. You cannot do the combine if you do not have 400 keys as this will not give you the correct private key to a bitcoin address.

3. Do I need to go to the actual location to find the key? It seems like, according to the original message posted on the website, that you will be able to solve most keys without going to the location. It will however be more difficult to solve the keys without going to the location.

4. How will the funds be split at the end?

We are still trying to figure out how the funds will be split, if won. It is quite a difficult thing to do. Once we have decided on a method, it will be posted on the Discord Server as well as this Wiki Site.

5. Where can I find keys that have been found by the team?

For now, we have posted some of the keys on the Wiki Page. In future, these will not be posted publicly to protect the team. This way, not one single person can take out the funds at the end.

We will be posting more questions as we receive them. If you need an answer to a question that is not on here, please send it on the general channel and we will answer it for you.

Remember that we are all here to learn out of the experience, and we know we all want to win, but not everybody can be winners. Have fun and support each other.

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