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Satoshi's Treasure


Full list of Keys. The first three have been found, and we are sharing them publicly. We will soon restrict access to members of the group.



On April 15th, 2019, a message was received via the Blockstream Satellite kicking off the start of a Bitcoin treasure hunt.

Full text of initial message.

The messages pointed to a webpage which is the main hub for the hunt.

Main site:

The Prize

According to the message, the prize is a large amount of Bitcoin:

it is Bitcoin … in an amount equal to 1 million USD.

The address is unknown, but expected to be revealed soon.

How the Hunt Works

The private key to the Bitcoin address with the funds has been split into one thousands secrets using Shamir's Secret Sharing. The first to find 400 of these secrets can recreated the private key and take the funds. From the original message:

I have shattered this Bitcoin treasure into one thousand pieces, using the splitting magic of the wizard Shamir. To reassemble it, you or your clan must find exactly four hundred of the pieces, and meld them back together using Shamir's spell of recombination. Once you have done so, the treasure will be irrevocably yours.

We know there was a trial run of Satoshi's Treasure held at MIT in March 2019, and they used the ssss tool to split and recombine the secrets.

It seems likely this same method is used in the real hunt, as indicated in this Tweet:

Those were test runs, but anyone who played in those understands how to win :)

EV Clan Roadmap


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